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St. Charles County Ambulance District is a recognized leader in EMS Education in the metropolitan St. Louis and St. Charles County region.  The Training center conducts entry-level EMT and Paramedic programs, EMS continuing education, and American Heart Association training, and much, much more. 

As an authorized American Heart Association training center, SCCAD offers community and professional CPR training, as well as advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification. AHA Instructor training is also available.

Other programs of note include Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Medical Life Support, & Escaping Violent Encounters (Defensive Tactics for EMS, Fire, & other Healthcare Providers).

Our Training Center staff take great pride in providing you with training that raises the bar on emergency medical education!

Committed to Excellence 

Course Prerequisites:


  • A current AHA ACLS Instructor card
  • Verification of a minimum of 4 classes taught within the current 2 year instructor certification period
  • If you received your last Instructor card before February 15, 2016, you must also bring a copy of your "ACLS 2015 Instructor Update" certificate. This online program is no-cost and is accessible through the AHA Instructor Network homepage, after you have registered on the Network's site.

Please note:  If you do not plan to teach primarily within St. Charles County you must align as an instructor with another AHA training center. On the day of the class you will need to complete a transfer form to align with another site or bring the TC's address and the TC Coordinator's name


Successful Completion:



  • Attend the instructor renewal course
  • Demonstrate provider skills
  • Pass the provider written examination
  • Successfully evaluate another student running a Megacode
  • Complete instructor updates as per the AHA


Course recognition is 2 years from the date of the classroom course. The instructor card supersedes the provider card.


FACT: According to Bureau of Labor statistics, an assault on a healthcare worker is the most common source of nonfatal injury or illness requiring days off from work in the healthcare and social assistance industry.


Injury through assault remains a widely recognized, but little acknowledged, problem threatening emergency service personnel.  Many EMS and fire personnel admit to being attacked by a violent patient, an angry bystander or upset family member.  The frequency of assault on our fire and EMS providers is alarming and while most attacks are not life threatening, the risk of serious injury is evident and unpredictable. Responders require a reasonable, liability-conscious, effective means of preventing and avoiding assault, before it occurs, and defending themselves once attacked.


The 2-day EVE4EMS/Fire course covers the basic skills required by any responder or provider when facing possible or imminent assault or use of force

Course Content:

  • Good customer service (Foundation of all DT4EMS courses)
  • Mental preparation and physical fitness
  • Recognize the need for safety in EMS/Fire
  • Documentation skills
  • Courtroom demeanor
  • Dispatch-to-scene and on-scene indicators
  • Patient vs. attacker recognition
  • Pre-assault indicators
  • Verbal skills to diffuse potentially violent encounters
  • Differentiating between self-defense, fighting, and police control tactics
  • Easy to learn and retain “drills” to reinforce reaction timing
  • Various aspects of reasonable self-defense
  • Escapes from standing, ground, and unusual positions

Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a course CD and continued access (during certification period) to the online student area containing review material. Certification is good for 2 years.

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DT4EMS’ EVE has been named an “industry best practice” by Risk Management/ Safety Consultants.